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Insured and Bonded Insured and Bonded
Piano moving requires additional insurance and bonding. Our movers are properly insured and bonded in King County so you don’t have anything to worry about.
Complicated Move? Complicated Move?
Do you have a complicated piano move? Need to go up flights of stairs or setup on stage? Our movers have the experience to set it up all properly. Are you moving across Seattle? No matter what the situation, we can help.
Experienced Piano Movers Experienced Piano Movers
Our piano movers do not under staff and we do not hire day labor movers. They take pride on being on time and getting the job done safely and efficiently. Whatever brand piano you might own and need to move, they have the experience in Seattle and confidence to providing you the safest piano move ever.
Efficient Delivery Efficient Delivery
We aim to get your piano moved as soon as possible. Our movers often provide same day delivery if they have availability at no extra charge. If you’re in need to schedule your piano move at a specific time, they also provide you with flexible scheduling so they can move your piano at your earliest convenience.

Certainly should have high rating from me! They were on time, courteous, professional and reasonably priced. They revealed up with team of 4 men to help us move a piano. They secured our piano from every corner and moved into our new home with nine stairs just to get into the front door. Fantastic team and the whole move only took us under 40 minutes. Absolutely recommend them to any individual who might need some assistance with the move !! David W
OK so we worked with these men for my dad's move because we had currently had such a wonderful experience with them for our own return in 2011. They did not disappoint - in truth they went beyond expectations as not only were they fast, efficient, professional, terrific individuals - however they likewise arrived early!!!! We got done quicker than anticipated and all went so smoothly. It wasn't an easy move due to the numerous elevators and logistics of the place my papa was moving into however they still made it such an extraordinary move. Love them and extremely highly highly suggest to all - the very best in Seattle as far as I'm concerned! We've had other member of the family utilize them as well with rave testimonials. Work with these individuals! The best in Seattle!Juan N.
I don't generally leave yelp testimonials, but i have to for these people. They were fantastic. Exceeded my expectations. Interacted everything with me along the method. They were area on with everything they estimated me on such as time and cost etc. These people understand what they are doing. They are fast, effective, and very friendly. They don't stop moving and due to the fact that of that, they do the job extremely quickly! And most importantly, all of our possessions were moved with care and nothing was damaged during the procedure. I would work with these individuals once more in a second. Everybody should utilize them. They are really the finest bang for your buck. I wasn't sure about tipping movers, since this was my first time employing movers, however these people well deserved a good tip at the end.Jaclyn W.


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Frequently asked questions about piano movers
Things We Need to Understand about Piano Movers
Moving from one place to another can be very requiring and difficult. This is since people by nature withstand change and status-quo is something that has constantly matched them the finest. Provided the current financial circumstance, where change is the only continuous thing, moving or relocating from one location to another is becoming inescapable. While moving routine products like furniture, fridge, TELEVISION, and other such equipment can be easy, the problem could develop when it has to do with transferring and moving heavy equipment and products like pianos. Not all packers and movers can deal with movement of pianos and just those who have unique abilities, know-how and facilities would be able to do it. It is vital to work with the best piano moving company who can handle such moving jobs professionally. Over the next couple of lines we will try and search for some typical questions that lots of customers ask when it pertains to movement of pianos.
Does It Require A Professional Mover
While moving pianos a lot of us frequently ask the question whether an ordinary family mover is competent enough to do the task. The response is no due to the fact that moving a piano needs unique training and just expert piano movers have it. They know how a piano works and will have the ability to take care of the locations that are prone to damage much better than others. Pianos could weigh anything in between 400 to 1300 pounds depending upon the type and performances. The value of a great piano could be around USD 500,000 and for that reason there can not be any margin for mistake when carrying it. It is for that reason extremely important to have an expert piano mover under all situations.
Moving Between Homes Is Challenging
While loading, dumping, packing and unpacking are essential tasks; the more important tasks are getting the piano out from houses. Moving it out of small doors and narrow stair cases could be a tough job and requires special competence. Merely depending upon automation alone will not assist and would call for usage of workforce with physical labor playing a crucial part. Taking apart the piano may be the only option and this can be done only by professionals who have the ideal resources and experience to do it.
Having The Right Equipment Is Important
Apart from workforce it is also crucial to have the ideal kind of devices and infrastructure. These consist of slings, piano skids, ramps, moving pads, and different others types of unique accessories and tools. Having the best understanding to move the piano is very critical. Unique strategies have actually to be utilized to move the piano and doing it for something as heavy as 1300 pounds is simpler stated than done. For that reason at the end of the day, hiring the right professional is very essential for motion of pianos. Seattle WA

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