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What's the Cost What's the Cost
Typically, national base rates for moving an upright piano vary between $150 and $250, while base rates for grand pianos cost $200 to $295. It’s best to call for a quote.
Complicated Move? Complicated Move?
Do you have a complicated piano move? Need to go up flights of stairs or setup on stage? Our movers have the experience to set it up all properly. Are you moving across Boise? No matter what the situation, we can help.
Experienced Piano Movers Experienced Piano Movers
Our piano moving partners do not under staff and do not hire day labor movers. They take pride on being on time and getting the job done safely and efficiently. Whatever brand piano you might own and need to move, they have the experience in Boise and confidence to providing you the safest piano move ever.
Efficient Delivery Efficient Delivery
Moving your piano can be hard to schedule aim to get your piano moved as soon as possible. Piano Movers often provide same day delivery if they have availability at no extra charge. If you’re in need to schedule your piano move at a specific time, they also provide you with flexible scheduling so they can move your piano at your earliest convenience.


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Frequently asked questions about piano moving company
Things We Need to Learn about Piano Movers
Moving from one location to another can be very requiring and difficult. This is since people by nature resist change and status-quo is something that has always fit them the best. Nevertheless, provided the existing economic scenario, where change is the only constant thing, moving or relocating from one location to another is ending up being inevitable. While moving regular items like furniture, refrigerator, TELEVISION, and other such equipment can be easy, the issue could occur when it is about carrying and moving heavy equipment and products like pianos. Not all packers and movers can manage movement of pianos and only those who have special skills, expertise and facilities would be able to do it. Thus it is essential to employ the ideal piano moving company who can handle such moving jobs expertly. Over the next couple of lines we will attempt and look for some typical concerns that numerous consumers ask when it concerns movement of pianos.
Does It Require An Expert Mover
While moving pianos many of us frequently ask the question whether a normal household mover is proficient enough to do the task. The answer is no because moving a piano requires unique training and just professional piano movers have it. They know how a piano works and will be able to take care of the locations that are susceptible to damage far better than others. Pianos could weigh anything between 400 to 1300 pounds depending on the type and functionalities. The value of a great piano might be around USD 500,000 and therefore there can not be any margin for error when carrying it. It is therefore essential to have a professional piano mover under all situations.
Moving In between Homes Is Challenging
While loading, dumping, packing and unpacking are vital tasks; the more essential tasks are getting the piano out from homes. Taking apart the piano may be the only option and this can be done just by experts who have the best resources and experience to do it.
Having The Right Devices Is essential
These consist of slings, piano skids, ramps, moving pads, and different others types of special accessories and tools. Special methods have to be utilized to move the piano and doing it for something as heavy as 1300 pounds is much easier stated than done. Boise ID

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