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What's the Cost What's the Cost
Typically, national base rates for moving an upright piano vary between $150 and $250, while base rates for grand pianos cost $200 to $295. It’s best to call for a quote.
Complicated Move? Complicated Move?
Do you have a complicated piano move? Need to go up flights of stairs or setup on stage? Our movers have the experience to set it up all properly. Are you moving across Cincinnati? No matter what the situation, we can help.
Experienced Piano Movers Experienced Piano Movers
Our piano moving partners do not under staff and do not hire day labor movers. They take pride on being on time and getting the job done safely and efficiently. Whatever brand piano you might own and need to move, they have the experience in Cincinnati and confidence to providing you the safest piano move ever.
Efficient Delivery Efficient Delivery
Moving your piano can be hard to schedule aim to get your piano moved as soon as possible. Piano Movers often provide same day delivery if they have availability at no extra charge. If you’re in need to schedule your piano move at a specific time, they also provide you with flexible scheduling so they can move your piano at your earliest convenience.


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Frequently asked questions about piano moving service
Why Hire a Professional Piano Moving Company-- A Couple of Apparent Factors
Attempting to move a piano even from one room to another could be risky and should be prevented. It might lead to injury or might harm the flooring because of the weight and bulk of these instruments. Some pianos could have stayed in the exact same location for many decades and for that reason great deal of preparation needs to be gone through before moving them. When it has to do with moving the piano from one city to another there is no doubt that working with the ideal piano moving business is the best method forward. It would need unique tools, secrets, wires and other such parts to move it safely and without triggering any damage to the piano, the flooring and the walls. The typical weight of any good piano might be around 1,000 to 1,200 pounds which is rather significant to say the least. This is among the lots of factors why it makes good sense to employ specialists for moving piano from one city to another or likewise from one nation to another.
Experts Know How It Should Be Done
When you work with professional piano moving business you can be sure that they will handle everything from end to end. Whether it is moving the piano from the rooms to the truck or other modes of transportation, or whether it is about packing it correctly they will care for everything.
Do Not Be Penny Wise And Pound Foolish
There might be many standard packers and movers who could offer their services at rates which are quite cheap when compared to professional piano packers and movers. Before providing the contract to them you should ask a couple of concerns. Are you ready to run the risk of a piano worth around 500,000 (USD) simply since you will be conserving a few hundred dollars? Will the piano be handled correctly while it is in transit? Will you have the ability to recover insurance coverage cost if something fails? The last concern is essential since no insurance coverage company will
They Will Take Care Of The Entire Job
Lastly as a client you can be sure that everything will be dealt with from start to end. All that you have to do is to place a call and the rest will be handled by them. They will also care for the insurance coverage of the piano while on transit as well as the insurance requires of the workers who take the difficulty of moving the piano from one place to another utilizing their bare hands and strength. For that reason whenever there is a requirement to move a piano from one city to another and even from one locality to another area within the very same city, the need for determining the right service providers is exceptionally important. Cincinnati OH

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