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What's the Cost What's the Cost
Typically, national base rates for moving an upright piano vary between $150 and $250, while base rates for grand pianos cost $200 to $295. It’s best to call for a quote.
Complicated Move? Complicated Move?
Do you have a complicated piano move? Need to go up flights of stairs or setup on stage? Our movers have the experience to set it up all properly. Are you moving across Fort Wayne? No matter what the situation, we can help.
Experienced Piano Movers Experienced Piano Movers
Our piano moving partners do not under staff and do not hire day labor movers. They take pride on being on time and getting the job done safely and efficiently. Whatever brand piano you might own and need to move, they have the experience in Fort Wayne and confidence to providing you the safest piano move ever.
Efficient Delivery Efficient Delivery
Moving your piano can be hard to schedule aim to get your piano moved as soon as possible. Piano Movers often provide same day delivery if they have availability at no extra charge. If you’re in need to schedule your piano move at a specific time, they also provide you with flexible scheduling so they can move your piano at your earliest convenience.


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Moving Your Prized Piano-- Work with Specialist Piano Movers
Being proactive is always much better than being reactive. This old thought is even relevant today in lots of areas. If you are music fan or a lover of art and antique pieces, then you certainly will have a piano in your house. It is a terrific piece of music devices which has been with humanity for generations and even centuries. It is therefore not really unusual to see them being present in houses for decades. It could have seen lots of generations and therefore they are thought about as valued belongings. Yes, it is likewise true that pianos cost great deal of cash and the high end designs could cost around $500,000 (USD). It is for that reason essential that they are cared for correctly. For lots of owners they are like their own kids. So, when it pertains to moving pianos from one place to another, they will have to take special care. Employing the best piano movers is extremely crucial and not all standard packers and movers would be able to handle piano motion from one place to another. This is due to the fact that they are really heavy, vulnerable, as well as rather bulky and unwieldy in shapes and size.

Hire Specialists
It would not be recommended to jeopardize on cost when it comes to transferring piano from one place to another. Regular packers and movers may be experienced in moving other family equipment but they may not be able to take care of piano motion. This is due to the fact that it requires a combination of automation of physical force. Ordinary workforce will not have the ability to get the job done and one ought to employ just those who bring with them the required experience and know-how for moving such heavy and bulky devices. They will ensure that there is no damage and even will make sure to avoid even the smallest scratch to the valued piano.
They Know The Equipment Inside Out
When you work with these professionals you can be sure that you will be leaving the job with somebody who understand the piano musical instrument inside out. They know ways to lift it, the best ways to twist it, how to make it stand the best ways to alter angles and essential ways to negotiate it through little doors, staircases and other such locations.
They do it with utmost care to avoid any sort of damage. Even more, if needed they also can take apart a part of the piano and have it set up once again in the brand-new place. When all the above elements are taken into account there are barely any factors as to why it makes best sense to work with these specialists. Yes, they may be a bit costly however the cost of a piano is so huge that these few hundred dollars are fairly insignificant. Fort Wayne IN

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